June 22, 2015

Bear Grylls - Breaking Point episode 5

On my earlier blog I wrote about Episode 1, where Bear Grylls took 2 participants into a river cave in Mexico.

Episode 5 -  Claustrophobia.

Bear Grylls meets two men who spend their lives avoiding confined spaces – and takes them deep into the most frightening caves he can find. Mark almost died when he was buried alive by sand as a teenager. Meanwhile, Mike was accidentally imprisoned in a fairground ride dangling almost 20 metres off the ground. He now fears being trapped so much that he can’t even hug his wife.

Bear has a plan to help them face, and hopefully overcome, their worst fears. He’s heading out to one of the First World War’s most treacherous front lines, where the landscape is still punctured with trenches, caves and tunnels. But Bear will need to win Mike and Mark’s trust as he takes them deep underground.

You can see some videos on Discovery Breaking Point.

Inside Tunnel -
Bear brings Mike and Mark to a pitch black tunnel deep underground. They must navigate their way through the dark and overcome their fear of enclosed spaces.
At least Mike and Mark are wearing helmets, but not Bear.

There are 2 more videos with cave related scenes -

Claustrophobia Intro -
Mike and Mark both suffer from claustrophobia - the fear of enclosed spaces. Bear brings them to Northern Italy, filled with caves and man made trenches to put the fear to the test.

Cave Passage -
Mike and Mark must get to reach their camp site for the night. First they must pass through an extremely tight passage that would be a challenge for anyone with claustrophobia.


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