May 29, 2015

Bear Grylls: Breaking Point

Bear Grylls: Breaking Point
Episode 1 - Water

Discovery Channel

New Yorker Ray and Ugur from Holland are both terrified of water after suffering major trauma in their lives. Bear takes them to face their fears on a journey through fast-flowing jungle waterways in Southern Mexico.
Ray, 60, lost his son, Marc, in a tragic accident in a swimming pool. It had been Marc’s dream to join the Navy Seals, but he drowned aged just 17, leaving Ray haunted by images of his son dying underwater.
Ugur, 37, was in Thailand when the Asian tsunami hit – and he’s avoided water ever since.
Can Bear take these two proud men and force them to overcome their fears by taking on some of the world’s deepest canyons and highest waterfalls? It’s going to be an emotional journey.
On part of the journey, Bear Grylls took them into a river cave. Bear tells us about the fast moving water and that it's a 2km  long underground river. The 3 of them go into the cave just using a head torch, no helmets. Bear tells them one rule - never let go of the rope. He gets in the water saying he doesn't know how keep it is. He swims for 30m saying the river goes a long way. Ray has to follow using the rope, then Ugur. Next Ugur is given a test, to swim the length of the 30m rope alone without a light (or helmet). Bear is holding the end of the rope.

I wonder what cavers think about this 'lack' of safety, no helmets etc. There are bats in the cave. I wonder if any thought was given to histoplasmosis, as this disease is prevalent in some Mexico caves. See more on histoplasmosis.

Bear Grylls has been criticised in the news in the past when he supposedly killed bats

See video on DailyMotion Bear Grylls' Breaking Point S01E01

[shown on Malaysian TV 26 May 2015]

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