February 3, 2015

Morocco 1981 Cerberus SS Expedition

The Cerberus Spelaeological Society had a second expedition to Morocco in 1981, the first one was in 1976. On both expeditions we drove from England to Morocco where we were based in the Middle Atlas mountains near Taza. Taza is located near the top right of this map.

Here are a few photos from the 1981 expedition. This was our transport -

 The next few are of the gorge to Bab Bou Idir -

Oleanders on the track to Kef Chara -

 An awkwad bend before Kef Chara camp site -
We finally get underground in Kef Chara,. The divers getting ready-

This was the walk to Kef Chara -

This was the walk to Kef Roadi -
and looking down into the cave, note person on right -
Another cave, Kef Oudjil -

A view of the Chikker Basin from Kef Friouato -
Friouato entrance shaft -

and Chikker entrance -

Gouffre Friouato is one of the largest cave systems in northern Africa. It is open to the public as a 'basic' show cave. The entrance shaft has steps and is 100 m deep. Below are large passages that end in a sump.

Gouffre Chikker entrance is surrounded by a dam. It drains the Chikker basin.

See more on The Friouato Caves on the Morocco tourism site.

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