January 20, 2015

Hungary Aggtelek area

Having driven across Hungary, (Fertorakos limestone quarry and Tihany and Lillafured ) we finally arrived at Aggtelek for the cave rescue conference. This was Sept-Oct 1983.

Whilst there we visited Baradla. From my diary -
Absolutely excellent cave. Start by following various static(?) pools and a railway line, saw an eel and loads of old stal. This brought us into the huge orchestra chamber. We turned right past the boats and walked a long way through the huge passage and still river. We went to the end of the show bit and then back and up past the orchestra into various chambers with huge Berger style stals. Amazing. On round and through and after 1 1/4 hr came out at the entrance Aggletek (?) at the  back of the campsite. Then walked up over the karst to the cliff top above the cave and back to the hotel.
Excellent. This is Hungary's longest cave at 25 km, although 7 km are in Czechoslovakia (Domica), and beats all English show caves.

Later in the week we did a through trip from Baradla to Josvafo, including Retek - Radish and covered 7 km.

We visited the thermal baths at  Miskolc Tapolca, south of Miskolc. My first visit to a thermal spring and it was really enjoyable. 3 coaches left Aggletek and on arrival we had to wait a few minutes until 6pm, as apparently one is only allowed 1.5 hours in the water as it is healthily radioactive! All changed in big cubicles in one room then went to the water. This was a semilit cave passage, water fairly warm but a lovely surrounding. Air really humid. There was a waterfall in one place with 5 or 6 spouts. I've never seen anything like it. We had found a warm pool and a hot pool, the latter was lovely, almost like a bath. Water just under waist depth. Very enjoyable. We then had dinner in the adjoining restaurant with traditional gypsy violinists. Entrance to the baths -

Our route across Hungary to Aggtelek -

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