December 22, 2014

Lanzarote - El Golfo green lagoon & Los Hervideros

These natural attractions are on the southwest coast of Lanzarote.

Charco de los Clicos at El Golfo is a semi-circular volcanic crater half eroded by the sea. The green lagoon is filled with seawater that has filtered through the black sand that separates the lagoon from the sea. The green colour comes from (Ruppia-Maritima) algae living in the water and this contrasts with the black, brown and red surroundings. It is a beautiful place.

This image from Google Earth shows the old crater

Los Hervideros

South of El Golfo is Los Hervideros. The name Los Hervideros translates to the “boiling pots”. It is a large lava field that extends to the sea, and the waves crash into the cliffs. Lots of white surf is produced hence the names boiling pots or boilding water. There are caves carved out of the rocks and blowholes.
It is possible to walk around the cliffs and watch the breakers crash into the caves from one of the natural 'balconies'.

 This is taken looking down into one of the holes -

Google Earth image
 The volcano and lava field -
These salt fields are just down the coast -

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