December 21, 2014

Lanzarote - Cueva de los Verdes lava tube & Jameos del Agua

Cueva de los Verdes. It is located at the northeast of the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

Lanzarote has a volcanic origin. It was born through fiery eruptions. Today there are many inactive volcanoes, lava fields and lava tube caves.  The island emerged about 25 million years ago.
Verdes does not refer to the colour green, it is actually the name of a family. In the past people would shelter in the caves to hide from the pirates.
The lava tube is over 6 km long with an additional 1.6 km under the sea. About 2 km are open to the public. The cave measures more than 15 m wide and high. Steps lead down into the cave -

 and view from the main tourist entrance -
 The footpath -
 A lone Alocassia -
The entrance chamber which is quite large. A few more steps lead down into the tube. I was surprised by it’s size overall. The lighting was done very nicely, though we couldn’t see any natural openings because of the lights, also I don’t know if it changed the colour of the rocks.

Part way in the tube is a double passage, with a newer tube above the original one. We went to the theatre which has a stage and seats. We went back via the upper level. At one point is a long pool of water, only about 20 cm deep, but when it is still there is an amazing reflection of the high ceiling and it really looks like a deep pit. Absolutely amazing.
A very nice cave, simple but large compared to other lava tubes I have seen. No life in the cave.

From there we drove a short distance to to go to the 2nd cave, Jameos del Agua. This had a bar and toilets in the first part -
A tunnel with a large pool goes through the main area, this is home to lots of small white crabs, Munidopsis polimorphia. These are endemic to Lanzarote.
At the far side of the pool is another bar area - 

Beyond this is the ‘oasis pool’ used by the king of Spain, painted white and blue, with palm trees.

At the back of this is the theatre. Cesar Manrique. There is a dome which can be opened and closed

Steps lead down to the stage. Really atmospheric and I was quite content to sit there and listen to the music.

Looking down on the area

There is also a volcano museum but it wasn't overly interesting. The wall by the car park -
 The coast near the cave -
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