November 20, 2020

Underground London - Woodlands Park Ice House, Acton

Woodlands Park is a tiny park in Acton, west London. It was formerly part of the six acre private garden to "Woodlands", a Victorian house. The house was demolished in 1903. The house had an ice house in the grounds (below the red marker), it is located next to a pond -  

This is a typical ice house, being an underground brick lined chamber, sunk into a hill and shaded with trees. Ice was taken from the nearby pond. The ice was stacked in the chamber, the sides of which were lined with straw. The ice could last until summer. Any melt water was drained through a hole at the bottom. 

In 2006 the ice house was restored and the pond recreated. 

There is a lovely tree growing alongside the ice house -

The house is gated so I could only stick my camera through the grill -

Info plaque from Heritage Lottery fund -

The pond -

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